Salty Bag: S/S & A/W ’15 Collections

Apr 22, 2015 574
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The beauty of the Mediterranean Sea and its treasures, the sandy beaches of the Greek islands and of course sailing, are the inspiration behind Salty Bag’s new collection for Spring/Summer ’15 and Autumn/Winter ’15.

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For 2015 Salty Bag is presenting two completely new as well as two renewed and series. Its main elements, leather and bronze, are combined with elegant silk-screen prints, while Salty Bag’s signature material, decommissioned sails, tells the story behind each unique Salty Bag. Summer favourites, the "Classic" and "R2R" series have been renewed while, “Psarou”, a brand-new series, makes an appearance. The "Boops Boops" series is ideal for the cold; winter walks stands out due to its unique quilted upcycled sails, whose stories can be found in every single Salty Bag.


SS ΄15
The Classic Series. Inspired by the timeless elegance of classic yachts, the Classic series is the signature line of Salty Bag. The color ratios of classic yachts are transposed onto every model, where the leather from the wooden elements, the white from the sails and the bronze from the fittings reflect this ageless elegance throughout. For 2015 The Classic series is enriched with more bright colors enhancing the experience of a Greek sailing summer.
Psarou series. Psarou is a famous beach in Mykonos and the Greek word for a fish. Psarou series features silk-screen prints of mackerel fish on signature Salty Bag decommissioned sails, sewn carefully with artisanal Tuscan leather in various colors, giving an elegant twist to the traditional elements of the life and beauty of the Mediterranean.
The R2R Series. As we are getting closer to 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the R2R series has been enriched with new travel accessories small and large. A pencil-case, an elegant envelope and the necessary small duffel bag complement the existing line. The series R2R 2015 is inspired by the Greek seas and designed for promenades both by the seashore and around the city.


AW ‘15

Boops Boops series. Boops Boops is the name for a small sardine like fish found in the Mediterranean. The series features a mix of leather and colorful upcycled spinnaker sails, bringing to the fore the enduring play between the storied and story filled, between the softness of the sail and the strength leather and bronze, combined with the colors of hopeful wind.
Sustainability has always been Salty Bag’s main concern, as each model is made of upcycled sails, which have travelled the Greek seas telling adventurous and unique stories. This season each bag is especially designed with reusable materials, such as Climatex Cradura lining and Tuscan vegetable tanned leather.
All Salty Bag products and can be returned to Salty Bag and broken down into next year’s pieces, during the biannual bag return days in early autumn and late spring. Customers receive discounts worth up to 40% for purchases from Salty Bag’s site, lasting for a year. In addition to that, the booklet that goes with each bag carries the story of the specific sails used, now produced with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved paper.
3 years Salty Bag

This year Salty Bag is celebrating 3 years of life. Not only is it further expanding and developing its sales network, which now includes the major Athenian department store, Attica (City Link, Golden hall, The Mall Athens, Tsimiskis Mediterranean Cosmos) and various “corners” around Greece, from the island of Symi, and Chalkidiki to Crete, but it is also in constant quest for creative and innovative ways that help develop, support and encourage individual sailing athletes and yacht races. The goal for 2015 is the expansion of the sales network abroad (beyond the e-shop), as well as the collection of a larger amount of sailcloth through an increase in the number of recycling bins placed in marinas across Greece.

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