Mar 28, 2014 723
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The shape of things to come: BOSS Green banks on ergonomics and high-tech to fine-tune classic leisure- and performancewear into smart power silhouettes
It’s all about comfort zones! That’s the message of the new BOSS Green Collection. Fits are more refined than ever, all the technical features are cutting-edge. Every need is more than met and mobility is built right in.

The BOSS Green man gets in shape: a stretch-knit polo shirt comes with anatomically profiled stripes; the sleeves stand out in navy blue. Slim-fit trousers are modeled after jogging pants – but still make an elegant statement from waist to toe. Chinos stay true to the classic look – but the leg has a slight O-shape for an ergonomic fit.


But comfort isn’t everything: intelligent functionality remains the biggest bonus in all the looks. From integrated UV protection through water-repellent Teflon coatings – even in knitwear – to reflecting zippers and laser-cut eyelets. A single season has never seen so many high-tech features. A cropped blouson, naturally fitted with a flexible elastic waistband, is fashioned in water-repellent material with a muted shine. A lightweight jersey jacket introduces innovative and stylish performance details like a taped chest pocket and a warm, insulated lining. Another prime example of design engineered by BOSS Green: in a similar jacket, a nylon hood attaches in mere seconds. Each of the materials in each of the pieces has been carefully chosen to dovetail with the given form and function. A Milano-knit hoodie is outfitted with perforated neoprene arm patches; the front of the hood is stretch fabric, allowing maximum head-turning mobility in every situation.