Press Conference Yves Rocher 2016 at Grande Bretagne Hotel

Feb 02, 2016 641
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Last week i attended the Yves Rocher press conference at Grande Bretagne hotel, where i had the chance to ask a few questions to Tommy Rocher (as pictured with me), grandson of Yves Rocher, and Xavier OrmanceyHead of Research & Development.


Read the interview below:

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1. Since Greece has a very nice climate to grow and produce, would your brand invest in this country regarding your natural products?
Greece has an interesting biodiversity (more than 4000 native species) because of specific climatic conditions with a good preservation approach. We source a few natural ingredients from Greece like mastic oil for perfumes or olive leaves as a source of oleuropein. There is a good potential for further extend in sourcing for Yves Rocher.
2. Would you say that 100% natural products are efficient enough?
There is a special life to life link. Plants are alive, our skin too. We need plants as a source of vitamins, anti-oxidants, nutriments, oligo-elements… We have demonstrated that there is unique affinity of natural active ingredients for our skin. But nature has to be potentiated to be fully active . That’s why we have developed our exclusive Natural Assimilation Technologies to make natural cosmetics truly effective.
It is nevertheless difficult to make 100% natural products especially if we want to have sensorial and safe products. Most of our skin care products are 95 to 100% natural origin products.The non natural part is coming from perfume, stabiliser and preservative.
3. What are the credits to consumers in order to believe in these results?
A range like Riche Crème has been tested on 2000 women, Serum Vegetal on 4000 volunteers. The clinical results show impressive results. Regeneration, protection and nutrition are objectively proven.