Loewe presents the new essence of Aura Loewe... Aura Loewe Eau de Toilette

Sep 24, 2014 266
Published in BEAUTY

Last year Loewe, the quintessential Spanish luxury brand established in 1846, introduced the muse as a source of inspiration, a woman that inspired the artist and aroused his inner talent.

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A woman who emanates a magnetic energy, impossible to avoid and impossible to explain, a strength full of mystery and attraction that inspires the artist and captivates everyone.
No one knows what it is or what shape it has. It is a glance, a gesture, a smile. Pure magnetism. Either you have it or you don’t
Linda Evangelista embodied this muse becoming the perfect ambassador for Aura Loewe Eau de Parfum.
This year Loewe presents a much more relaxed and human side in the same muse. The muse as inspiration and confidant. A friend who immerses the artist in optimism and creativity.
Again Linda Evangelista, again Aura... But this time in a more spontaneous and natural way. A new Magnetic woman, naturally inspirational, mysteriously unpredictable, spontaneously carefree.